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Compact Laminate Industry
26 Viktringer Ring, Klagenfurt
A-9020 , AUSTRIA
Tel.Center: ‎0043 720 230 776
Tel.Loc.: ‎0043 676 364 1906
European Quality
European Quality
CLADEX MAX Compact Laminate Industry undergo a number of quality tests following standard EN 438, both in Bulgarian Laboratories and in external laboratories (SGS SERCOVAM FRANCE tel: +33 557 970 233) .In order to ensure the quality of our products we offer in market the following quality criterias:

- Reaction to fire
- Specific weight
- Dimensional stability at elevated temperature
- Resistance to impact large diameter ball
- Resistance to climate change
- Flexural Module
- Flexural Strenght
- Tension Strength
- Resistance to water vapour
- Resistance to UV light
- Resistance to atmospheric agents
- Resistance to humidity
- Resistance to SO2
- Resistance to Salt
- Resistance to Scratching
- Resistance to impression in boiling water
- Resistance to staining
- Resistance to dry heat (180°)
- Resistance to cigarette burns

CLADEX MAX Compact Laminate Panels, labeled with the CE-Mark necessary for their use in building construction applications.

CLAD-EX MAX EXTERIOR GRADE products have excellent features following standards :

- Reaction to fire: EN-13501 ( Bs1d0 )
- Resistance to Salt & Mist ( North Europe , Russia , USA , Canada )

CLADEX MAX Compact Laminate Industry always making a comprehensive quality control on CLAD-EX MAX EXTERIOR GRADE panels and offers a 10-year warranty for CLAD-EX MAX EXTERIOR GRADE EDF/ CCM and a 5-year warranty for CLAD-EX MAX EXTERIOR GRADE EGF/ CCM+ products .